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1. DON’T HIDE IN THE BACK:  Stand out and get noticed! Don’t be at the back of the line getting overlooked and forgotten

2. DON’T OVER DO IT DURING A DRILL: Take your share of shots then get out of the net and let the next goalie in. This will keep you to be sharp for every shot you face during the tryout ~ the last thing you want is to get beat on shots you would normally stop due to being tired

3. NEVER GIVE UP:  Don’t ever give up on a shot!  Even if you  think it’s a guaranteed goal, impress by giving that extra effort to get there and at least try – continue to battle

4. STAY POSITIVE: Don’t worry about the goals, whether good or bad. Don’t let a coach see you get down, upset, flustered or frustrated. Impress by showing you can move past it and focus on the next shot

5. GOALIE SPECIFIC DRILLS: When doing goalie specific drills/goalie specific skating, coaches want to see hard work, etc. but remember they are more interested on whether or not you do the drills/ movements properly as well.

6.  BE AGGRESSIVE: Challenge and show confidence, don’t sit back in your net. Stay focused, have fun and be creative but don’t rush, be sloppy or scramble all over the place.

Finding The Puck

All goalie’s need to remember this very important, yet simple process when finding a loose puck off a save. Typically, when a goalie makes a save they scramble, looking everywhere to find the loose puck. This process is slow and time consuming. A goalie needs to look at the most dangerous area first.

First place you look for the puck is: Right in front of you

– Reason being is its the most dangerous spot as it is the easiest and typically the closest spot for an opposing player to get their stick on

Second place you look for the puck is: To the left and right of you (To your sides)

– These areas to the side are the next most dangerous due to the fact they are still quite close and easily accessible to where a player would typically be standing, as well as the fact you may not have any part of your body in between the puck and the net

Third and last place you look for the puck is: Behind you

– Behind you is the least dangerous as its harder for the players to see a puck behind you as well as get to the puck behind you. This allows you more time to find and get to the puck behind you, after eliminating the more dangerous areas first.


Process in finding a loose puck:

1. In Front

2. Sides

3. Behind